7 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bride’s special day will be here before you know it, which means that the bachelorette party is just around the corner. As you’ve been searching for bachelorette party ideas that aren’t the typical night out on the town, we’ve put together a helpful list of out-of-the-box ideas you and the bride will love. Get all dressed up for the bachelorette party and be inspired by any of these seven unique bachelorette party ideas.

unique bachelorette party ideas
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1. Wine Tasting Tour — For the bridal party that loves a good Cabernet Sauvignon, celebrate the bride-to-be on a wine-tasting tour. Take a look at wineries in your area and then book a limo or party bus to visit different wineries for tastings and tours of the vineyard. Many wineries also offer live music and food trucks on-site, making for a fun-filled day trip.

2. Brewery Tour — Not every lady is into wine. Some may prefer a cold IPA over a chilled rosé, and if your bridal party likes craft beer, embark on a brewery tour. Similarly to planning a wine-tasting tour, you can book a bus or limo to take a tour of local breweries to try new and local craft beers in town. If you’re going to be hopping around from brewery to brewery, or planning on taking a couple of craft beers to-go, bring cute bags with you. These bags will dress up any outfit and act as a practical way to transport your brewery goodies like a branded baseball cap or beer koozie.

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3. Art Class — According to Empty Easel, you don’t even have to have your own dedicated studio or book an outside studio to host an art class. You can use your own space to create your own art class for the bachelorette party. Decide what kind of art class you’re going to do, such as a painting class or a flower arranging workshop. Do you want to try your hands at making your own pottery, or maybe you just want to follow along with Bob Ross as he paints happy little trees? Get creative and let your imaginations run wild as you play grown-up arts and crafts.

4. Horseback Riding Lessons — Since the bride-to-be has dreamed about her knight in shining armor, she’s always wanted to ride a horse. Get her ready to get whisked away from her dream knight by taking horseback riding lessons. Find a ranch that offers guided trail rides for groups so your bridal party can experience the beauty of nature while learning how to ride a thoroughbred or American quarter horse. Looking for appropriate clothing to wear during your horseback riding lessons? Get some boots and bling attire that works well whether you’re giddying up, going to the rodeo, or just want that laid-back cowgirl look.

5. Ghost Tour — Some brides prefer an out-of-the-box experience with a little edge. See if your local city has a walking ghost tour! It’s a unique bachelorette party experience where you and the bridal party can go to different haunted locations and learn about the spooky and possibly paranormal history of your area, not just see some bad boys.

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6. Glamping Weekend — For the ladies that love being outdoors but would rather not sleep in a tent on the ground, you can go glamping instead. Rent a luxury cabin for the weekend so you can still spend a weekend under the stars without having to literally sleep under the stars. Lounge by the fire and bring some champagne so you can host a fancy outdoor dinner party in the woods. Since you’re going to be glamping and not doing traditional camping, it’s the perfect time to dress up in chic dresses. Get a flowy bohemian dress or a simple shift dress for a casual look during your glamping weekend. Not sure what dress would look best for your glamorous outdoor(ish) weekend? Take a look at different types of dresses to see what works best for you and the girls, whether you’re renting a luxury cabin or yurt-ing it up.

7. Road Trip — When you and the girls just want to get away from the hubbub, what better way to celebrate the bride-to-be than with a bachelorette party road trip? It’ll be a fun and memorable experience! First, determine the destination of the road trip and the route you’ll be taking. You may want to rent a car or even hire a driver. Plan for fun activities along the way, such as stopping at scenic locations or enjoying unique dining experiences.

There are so many adventures you’ll have, whether you end up taking that cross-country road trip or just spending time together and attempting to paint a Bob Ross landscape. With any of these unique bachelorette party ideas, you’re sure to give the bride a night she’ll always remember. The most important thing is that you all have fun and take the time to de-stress and unwind before the real big day arrives.