How Much Is Laser Hair Removal For Face?

Laser hair removal is effective in removing unwanted hair on your face, be it your peach fuzz or upper lip hair. But despite that, you’re probably wondering, how much does it cost?

Usually, you’ll save more on laser hair removal than waxing and shaving in the long run. But if you want to know more about the average prices, keep reading, and we’ll give you a quick rundown.

How Does Laser Hair Removal for the Face Work?

If you’ve been getting cosmetic treatments for some time, you’ll know that laser hair removal is not really a new technology. It’s been in use for years, but its benefits continue to impress many people like you who are struggling with the endless cycle of unwanted hair growth.

Technically, laser hair removal targets your hair follicles using a concentrated beam of light. This light will neutralize your follicles to prevent them from growing back.

But to be clear, you need multiple sessions to achieve permanent hair reduction. The good thing is that after the first session, you’ll notice that the hair becomes thinner if it grows back. And with succeeding appointments, it will be removed entirely.

For your face, you can use this treatment to remove hair on your chin, sideburns, upper lip, eyebrows, and more. Just make sure that you look for a reliable med spa like Eau Claire Body Care to get the best results.

Factors Affecting Facial Laser Hair Removal Prices

The actual cost of your laser hair removal treatment depends on a few factors. It’s best that you call a med spa near you to know more about their exact rates. But to give you an idea, the following aspects will impact the cost you have to pay”

1. Size of the Treatment Area

First, you have to think about the size of your treatment area. Generally, getting laser hair removal for your entire face will definitely cost more than just a simple session for your upper lip. Make sure you decide about the treatment area before contacting a med spa to discuss the laser hair removal cost.

2. Number of Sessions Required

You should know that laser hair removal is not a one-time treatment. You need to get multiple sessions to get permanent hair reduction or to remove most of your unwanted hair.

As for the exact number of sessions you need, your hair color, skin color, and hair thickness will be the deciding factors. A med spa near you can help assess these aspects, so you’ll have an idea about how many appointments you need to book.

3. Location and Reputation of the Clinic

Another big thing that will affect your face laser hair removal price is the clinic’s location. If you choose to go to a spa in the metropolitan area, you should expect to pay higher fees. So the next time you find yourself thinking “I’m looking for laser hair removal near me”, you should consider your location right away.

4. Expertise and Qualifications of the Technician

More often than not, highly experienced and trained laser technicians will charge you more than beginners. It’s because you’re paying for their expertise, which will reflect on the quality of the treatment you’re going to get.

5. Special Promotions or Packages

If you want to get the best bang for the buck, we suggest that you look for clinics running special promos or offering treatment packages. Usually, you’ll save more if you pre-pay or book multiple sessions instead of paying them one by one. However, be careful with lowballing spas as it’s often a sign of substandard service.

Average Costs of Laser Hair Removal

As we’ve mentioned earlier, face hair removal cost varies widely, depending on specific factors. But in general, it will likely cost you about $400 to $500 per treatment package. This is already inclusive of around 5 to 6 sessions for small to medium-sized areas.

Meanwhile, if you’re opting for a full face treatment, you should expect to shell out about $600 to $1,500 for the entire procedure. This can be higher if you need extra sessions or if you’re going to request additional services.

Tips to Save Money on Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal comes at a price, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some saving tips you can try the next time you want to get this treatment:

1.   Research Multiple Clinics

As with anything you’ll spend money on, don’t settle on the first option you’ll find. Make sure you shop around from at least 3 to 4 medical spas near you before making a decision. This way, you can find the best deals and services within your budget.

2.   Look for Package Deals

You can save a lot of money if you’ll time your treatment during holidays or special occasions. During this time, many clinics offer promos and deals, including discounts on their laser treatments. So keep an eye on these promotions to get more treatments for your money. 

3.   Opt for Maintenance Treatments

Yes, you’ve read that right! Getting maintenance treatments regularly will help you save money from a full treatment. The more you prevent hairs from growing back, the fewer appointments you’ll need. The good thing is that most touch-ups for laser hair removal are only needed once or twice a year.

4.   Consider Financing Options

If you don’t have the budget to pay for your facial laser hair removal upfront, you can look for clinics that offer financing options. Some med spas have payment plans where you can get the treatment in installments.


If you have unwanted facial hair, laser hair removal can be the best long-term solution. Just make sure that you prepare for the cost of each session. Also, you should keep an eye on promos, special offers, and package deals that help you save money in the long run.

Still, you should get the right balance between price and service quality. After all, you would want to get the best results on your face at a reasonable cost. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to look for laser spas near you to inquire about their pricing.