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List of Legit Kpop Shops in Shopee Philippines

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Are you a fan of BTS, BlackPink, Twice, EXO, NCT, GOT7, etc., and you want to buy their album, lightsticks, and other merch? Are you also looking for legit Kpop shops in Shopee? Then you’ve come to the right website because I know some trusted sellers.

Just like every person, I’m also wary when I shop online because there is a lot of fake kpop merch online, especially in Shopee. But some still prefer it because the app offers Cash On Delivery, monthly sales like 11.11, or just like me, I like getting cash back and faster tax-free shipping.

How to get cashback rebates when you shop online?

Let me tell you first how I save some money when I shop online: I use Shopback! Which you can download on your phone and browser. You’ll not only get cash rebates (yes, it’s cash and you can withdraw it to your bank account or GCASH), but you’ll also get voucher codes in almost every shop in the Philippines like Lazada, Shopee, and also some stores abroad like Sephora, Althea, Shopbop, and even Klook!

List of legit Kpop shops in Shopee

Take note: Before I shop, I research thoroughly, I read reviews, and I also ask for tips from other collectors. Luckily, I haven’t bought fake merch since I started collecting last year. (And fingers crossed I never will!). Another thing to note, all the shops in this list are based in South Korea (except for one shop) so shipping can take at least 7 days unless the item you purchased is for pre-order.

KPOP MERCH – This is where I bought my BT21 monitor figures. They sell albums, light sticks, photo books, tech accessories, plush dolls, shirts, and other merchandise from groups like BTS, EXO, BlackPink, Twice, GOT7, NCT, and more.

KMONSTAR – Another Korean-based seller and just like KGoods Market above, they also have the latest BT21 drop but they also sell albums not just BTS, you can also find Stray Kids, NCT, and Itzy.

WITHMUU – This is a global kpop store based in South Korea like Yes24 and Ktown4u where all album purchases will chart in Hanteo. Besides the latest album drops, they also sell lightsticks and other merch official merch and have pre-order benefits just like Yes24 and Ktown4u.

KGOODS MARKET – This is my go-to Korean-based seller where I get my Monopoly and Royche BT21 merch. They always have the latest drops and decent reseller prices. They even have my favorite Popcorn Sleeves for my photo cards.

N.CAT – This is the ONLY Kpop shop I know that is based in the Philippines. They’re not just an online shop, they also have some physical stores like their branch in Festival Mall, Alabang. They are mainly an accessory store that sells trendy Korean fashion accessories to the Philippines but they also have Kpop merch like albums and lightsticks from bands like BTS, BlackPink, Red Velvet, Itzy, TXT, NCT, Izone, Twice, Super Juniors, GOT7, and more. Besides Shopee and select malls, you can also find them in Lazada. And they also host giveaways on their Instagram.

CNA PHILIPPINES – Just like N.Cat, they sell albums, lightsticks, and other kpop merch. They also have branches around Metro Manila and are available online through Lazada and Shopee. The latter also opens pre-orders for new album drops but no pre-order benefit.

ALING CHULIEN – Every Filipino kpop stan should know this seller. They drop the latest and open pre-orders with benefits. The prices are not bad either. All the hottest kpop group merch can be found here. They have Shopee, updates on Twitter, and have their own site Chulien.com

WITH HANNA – This is my go-to Shopee store for super cute top-loaders, photocard frames, and binders. But they also sell albums and lightsticks. They also have pre-orders with benefits.

SYS CHOICE – I discovered this shop during my search for an RJ jumbo doll. This is highly recommended by some Filipino YouTubers. They sell almost everything, albums, light sticks, plush dolls, stickers, and more! The majority of their merchandise is BTS and BlackPink. But they also have Twice, NCT, and other more Kpop and Kpop bands. As of writing this post, I haven’t bought anything from them yet but I’m planning to get a BT21 Desk Planner.

NASIEOSEO.PH – This is where I bought some of my BT21 Cushions. The packaging, labels, and stitches are the same as those I bought from the Play Line Friends Store.

KOREAN OPPA’S CHOICE – Another Shopee seller whom I personally shop for several times already. This is where I bought my Bt21 retro keyboard, Lemona x BTS, and some other K-beauty stuff. Korean Oppa is mainly a cosmetics shop but he also sells BTS merch like BT21, the Samsung Collabs, Army Bomb Lightstick, and some merch you’ll find in Weverse.

MIRAVIEW – This is where I bought my BT21 keycaps and a large mouse pad. They mostly sell BT21, Play Line Friends, and Sanrio tech merchandise. So if you like kyeopta or kawaii accessories for your gadgets or study/work-from-home setup, this shop is for you.

LBK – If you’re looking for some BT21 Pajamas or BTS Pop-Up shop merch, then this seller is for you. This is where I got some of my BT21 pajamas and before writing this post, I already ordered a couple more. They also sell BTS x Fila, BlackPink x Adidisa, and other Kpop merch collabs.

SDD KOREA – I just discovered this seller last month. They mostly sell BT21 merchandise, BTS x Fila Collab, and some of the stuff that BTS wore as seen in their airport fashion or RUN BTS episodes.

So far these are the only legit Kpop shops in Shopee Philippines that I know of. If I found more, I’ll update this post. But if you’re only looking for legit BTS merch sellers in Shopee or wherever, I wrote a separate list of that here.