Nail Trends To Watch In 2023

In an age of ever-evolving fashion, keeping up with the latest trends is almost as essential as breathing air for style enthusiasts. When it comes to nails, 2023 promises to be a year full of experimentation, style, and creativity. Just like clothing and hairstyles, nails have their own fashion trends, and they can say a lot about your personality and style. Whether you like to keep things minimal or you’re the queen of bling, this year has something for everyone. 

Here are some nail trends to watch out for in 2023.

1. Monochrome Madness With A Twist

Monochrome nails have been a staple in nail fashion for some time now. However, 2023 is bringing a slight modification to the trend. Say hello to monochrome patterns! The aim is to have a basic color scheme with patterns like dots, lines or even faces drawn in the same shade. 

A growing trend is to use special types of monomers in the nail application process, such as those made by Not Polish. For example, check out their ema monomer, which enhances the longevity and flexibility of nail designs. The advantage of this monomer is that it doesn’t have a strong odor and is less prone to lifting, making your fashionable monochrome nails last longer.

2. Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails have been trending for a while, but in 2023 they’re set to get even more attention. The designs are usually minimalist, incorporating the natural nail into the artwork. 

Picture a glossy red geometric shape offset by your natural nail color. It’s a trendy, yet low-maintenance look, as chips are far less noticeable.

3. Textured Terrains

Yes, you read that right. Texture is not just for fabrics and wallpapers anymore; it’s coming to our nails as well. 

Textured nails use various materials to create a tactile sensation, such as crushed velvet, mini beads, or even tiny jewels. The idea is to have nails that not only look good but also feel attractive to the touch.

4. The Mismatched Look

Uniformity is so last year. 

This year, it’s all about embracing diversity—even in your nails. Mismatched nails give you the freedom to express multiple facets of your personality all at once. Whether it’s having different shades of the same color, different patterns on each nail, or even mixing short and long lengths, 2023 is the year to celebrate the beauty of irregularity.

5. The Return Of Metallics

Metallics always seem to find a way back into fashion. For nails, metallic shades like gold, silver, and bronze add a touch of elegance that can’t be ignored. This trend is particularly popular for events where you want to make a statement, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing metallic nails at the office too. In 2023, they’re not just for special occasions anymore.

6. Environmental Consciousness

Sustainability and fashion are forming a closer relationship each year, and this is being reflected in nail trends as well. Biodegradable nail polish and cruelty-free applications are more than just buzzwords; they’re becoming the norm. 

Environmentally conscious salons are popping up everywhere, emphasizing the use of products that are not harmful to the planet. This is a trend that we hope is not just a passing phase, but here to stay.

7. Vintage Vibes

Just like in the world of apparel, vintage fashion is making a return in nail art. Think ‘70s floral patterns, ‘80s neon colors, and ‘90s minimalism. It’s a homage to eras gone by, incorporated into modern aesthetics. The allure of vintage vibes lies in their timeless beauty, bringing a touch of nostalgia to the otherwise future-focused fashion world.


There you have it—seven nail trends that are set to dominate 2023. With such a wide range of styles, there’s something to cater to every aesthetic, from the minimalist to the extravagant. Whether it’s incorporating new materials like ema monomer for longer-lasting monochrome designs, or opting for environmentally friendly nail solutions, this year promises to be an exciting one in the realm of nail fashion. 

So go ahead and express yourself, one nail at a time. After all, your nails are the ultimate canvas for showcasing your personality and style!