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One of the World’s Best Stem Cell Serums to use Post-Microneedling and other In-Clinic Treatments

The one factor that separates Calecim Professional’s stem cell skin care products is Calecim’s extensive scientific focus in formulating its range to deliver the efficacy of these exceptional products. While Calecim’s products can also be used in the comfort of your home, they are also known to deliver great results for in-clinic aesthetic procedures. 

Numerous in-clinic treatments, including advanced laser treatments, chemical face peels, and various other skin-enhancing treatments, deliver results through the use of ‘controlled injury’ to the skin to foster its natural healing process. 

The patented active ingredient in CALECIM®, PTT-6®, is a complex blend of proteins, growth factors, and exosomes obtained from ethically sourced stem cells. The best part? There is a specially designed product in Calecim’s range that holds a superior concentration of its active ingredient, PTT-6, which allows for special application at home or after a clinical skin procedure.

By generating cellular communication signals that trigger healing, regeneration, and collagen formation, the stem cell proteins and exosomes in PTT-6 are able to create the perfect conditions for the skin to recover. Doctors recommend applying the Calecim Serum immediately after skin treatments and even after, depending on the degree of skin sensitivity or healing required after the treatment. Due to its high concentration of growth factors and exosomes, Calecim’s Serum not only accelerates the healing process but is also highly rejuvenating. In-clinic procedures like lasers, microneedling, and chemical peels that offer unparalleled renewal over several layers enable deeper penetration of these powerful active ingredients.

Dermatologist Recommended Post Treatment Skincare

Applying CALECIM’s Multi-Action Cream and Restorative Hydration Cream after your clinical skin treatment can enhance your at-home skin repair and ensure that the great results of your procedure are prolonged. Patients can maximise their anti-aging regimen and advance their in-clinic treatments by leveraging the complete range simultaneously. With significantly increased skin elasticity, Multi-Action Cream is able to assist in restoring lost volume and achieving a defined appearance. On the other hand, Restorative Hydration Cream hydrates and plumps the skin from the inside out to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the texture, luminosity, and glow of the skin.