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SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s PICK: Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener Review

Before I start my Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener review, here’s a brief intro just in case you’re not familiar with this brand yet: Huxley is a Korean beauty brand named after Brave New World‘s author, Aldous Huxley. They launched in 2016, and I’m just going to flex that I’m one of the first people who tried this brand when they launch in Southeast Asia.

I love their minimalist approach to skincare that focuses on moisturizing and hydrating yet have a luxurious vibe but is not overly expensive. That is why I was so excited when I learned that Jeon Wonwoo, my bias in SEVENTEEN, is their new endorser.

Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener is one of the most luxurious body washes I ever use. If you have the budget and want a relaxing body wash to use after a hard day or for a relaxing weekend, then I recommend it. I would have rated it 5 stars, but it's kinda hard to find in the Philippines.
Smells so good
Not easy to find in the Philippines


Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener claims to cleanse, moisturize, and repair skin damage. Whether you have dry or sensitive skin, this heavenly body wash cleanses with silky soft bubbles in this hypoallergenic formula. Laced with the brand’s intoxicating signature scent, it will give you an aromatherapy treat and an extra relaxing vibe to your pamper routine.


Formulated with antioxidant-rich Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, it deeply replenishes moisture and restores vitality to the skin to prevent dryness and flakiness. Moringa Seed Oil gently cleanses while Hinoki Cypress Water helps retain the skin’s moisture and oil balance (pH 6.5). Topping off the dreamy experience is a splash of Tea Tree Water that comforts and soothes damaged skin. It’s hypoallergenic and gentle so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy using it.

huxley body wash moroccan gardener review


APPLICATION: In the shower, massage all over wet skin and massage into a soft lather. Rinse.

SCENT: It has Huxley’s signature scent that smells floral that isn’t overpowering but very soothing. It feels like that bougie body washes from luxury hotels and spas.

PACKAGING: It comes in minimalist chic, white, and gold packaging that makes a beautiful addition to your bathroom. It has a pump so dispensing the product is easy and convenient.

FORMULA & TEXTURE: It feels like a gel but it bubbles fast. It doesn’t feel that thick or tacky on the skin. It also doesn’t leave an oil film-like feeling. It’s really comfortable.


Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener is one of the most luxurious body washes I ever use. The packaging, the scent, and yes, even the price feel really luxe. But for a $43 body wash, is it worth it?

It claims to cleanse and it does. It claims to moisturize your skin and it does. It also claims to repair skin damage and this one, I can’t really tell. What kind of skin damage are they even referring to? If it is damaged by sun and dry skin, I think it helps.

This is not the kind of body wash that you must have like CereVe or Aveeno which are both popular for people with eczema. But if you have the budget and you want a luxurious body wash that smells so good and relaxing to use after a hard day or for a relaxing weekend, then I recommend the Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener.

huxley body wash moroccan gardener review


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Hope you find this Huxley Body Wash Moroccan Gardener review helpful. I will review Wonwoo’s other picks from the brand too which include body oil, hand cream, and body lotion. I will also review their perfume.