the quick flick review
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My Secret To A Perfect Winged Eyeliner in Less Than A Minute

Recently, I’ve read a report from The Business of Fashion about the Beauty Booms of Zoom Era where retailers like Ulta are seeing their online businesses skyrocket and the most popular makeup during this pandemic are eye makeups. This is not surprising since people are now required to wear a face mask in public places and most makeups will just smudge on those. As I have mentioned in my previous post about wearing makeup during this pandemic, focus on your eyes. I showed there that my go-to look is the cat or winged eyeliner, and the pointier the better. But what I didn’t tell in there is that I use a stamp eyeliner to achieve the look. If you’re curious, keep reading The Quick Flick review below.


The Quick Flick is the flagship product of the Australian brand “Quick Beauty”. It promises to help you achieve a perfect winged eyeliner in less than a minute and have a hyper-pigmented formula that will stay all day without fading, running, or cracking. They do say on their website that it is smudge and water-resistant. Lastly, it is also 100% vegan, and cruelty-free.


Just like using the stamp, you just press The Quick Flick on the sides of your eyes. Each eyeliner pen has a sign which goes to the right or left side. Watch my 30-second demo below:


The Quick Flick comes with a winged stamp on top and a regular liner on the bottom. But unlike most stamp winged eyeliners, they come in 2 eyeliner pens. To really make sure you get the perfect winged eyeliner, The Quick Flick really designed the angle of their stamps for each side of the eyes.

And speaking of angles, they also come in 4 different sizes: To The Point (which is the one I got), Petite (8mm), Modest (10mm), and Grand (12mm).

Photo via Instagram @makeupandcoffee


For the record, this is not the first stamp eyeliner I used. In 2017, I bought a tool called The Vamp Stamp which you will dip in an eyeliner pot or just coat with your eyeliner pen. It took a while for me to get the hang of using it but when I did, it was so convenient for my very shaky hands.

But there’s a downside to that tool. It only works best with an eyeliner pot from the same brand which is not easy to buy in my country and with Banila Co. Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner which is already discontinued. You will also need an additional eyeliner or brush to perfect the winged liner. So when I saw a sponsored Quick Flick ad on Instagram in late 2019, I knew I needed to try the product.

When I started to use The Quick Flick, my first concern was their smudge-proof and waterproof claims. Well, the claims are true, if you have dry or normal skin. For oily skin like me who lives in warm and humid weather, it lasts around 6 hours on me but that’s without any eye primer just FYI. The Quick Flick doesn’t run, fade, or smudge but it cracks a little, they just crack on my oily eyelid folds which is easy to touch up.

This is my makeup using The Quick Flick. Sorry the photo is too dark. This is a spontaneous review.


Quick Beauty Official StoreEUR25
The KultPHP1399
I really like The Quick Flick despite being pricey compared to cult-fave long-lasting eyeliner products in the market like K-Palette. I can see myself using The Quick Flick long-term since winged eyeliner is my go-to look and I have shaky hands. If you have extra budget, try it. You may find this product convenient.
Doesn't run or fade. It is truly long lasting.
Very easy and quick to use especially those with shaky hands.
Comes in different colors from black, brown, blue, pink, violet and more.
For oily skin types, it cracks on the oiliest part of your eyes. So make sure to use a primer or use an oil blot in that area before using.
Pricey compared to most long-lasting eyeliners like K-Palette.