What Perfumes Does Ateez Use?

what perfumes does ateez use
ATEEZ. Credits: KQ Entertainment

Ateez is a South Korean boy band. They debuted in 2018 and getting more popular globally. They’re currently on their world tour and gained more fans through their new hit song Bouncy. That is why I’m not surprised I get a lot of requests to feature them in my perfume series. So what perfumes does Ateez use?

What does Ateez smell like?


YSL Black Opium – This was one of my college perfumes. For me, this is a very vanilla scent with a hint of jasmine and patchouli. The dry-down has a hint of coffee and almond but I smell more almond than coffee. You can buy this in Zalora for around Php6,700 and in Harrods for $105.

Febreze – Seems like Lee Know of Stray Kids is not the only idol that uses this air freshener as perfume. Hwa admitted to using this too. If you want to get this popular “kpop idol perfume” you can buy this in Shopee. Whether they’re joking or not, this air freshener smells good.

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Creed Aventus – This is a sensual, audacious, contemporary scent. It contains notes of black currant, pineapple, patchouli, jasmine, musk, and ambergris. S.Coups of Seventeen also uses this perfume. You can buy this in Rustans for Php19,000, and you can buy a 2ml sample here. Also available in Nordstrom for $495.

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Ferrari Light Essence – This perfume for men has a citrus scent with a hint of jasmine. Sounds like jasmine is a favorite scent among Ateez members. This actually reminds me of the popular Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, but an intense version. You can buy this in Shopee for around Php2000 and in Walmart for $79.

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Just like Yunho above, Yeosang also uses the Ferrari Light Essence. He also mentioned in an old interview that he uses John Varvatos and Calvin Klein perfumes too. But until now, he hasn’t revealed which variant of those perfume brands he uses.


Diptyque Tam Dao – This perfume is for both men and women and it’s a very woody scent. The sandalwood and cedar are quite heavy. That’s all I can say since it’s not my kind of scent. Actually, Jay of Enhypen also uses this perfume. You can buy this full bottle in TruncRustans, and a 2ml decant here. Also available in Nordstrom for $175.

Tom Ford Black Orchid – I remember trying this perfume in Sephora. It’s a complex scent, warm spicy, sharp, and earthy but with chocolate dry down. It can be nauseating for some. This is definitely an acquired taste. You can buy this on Tom Ford’s official Lazada page and in Rustans. There’s also a decant available in Shopee. This is also available in Kohl’s for $215.

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Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt – This is a popular scent among kpop idols and I totally get it. This is my personal favorite from Jo Malone too. And Yeonjun of TxT uses this too. It has a fresh sea salt scent with notes of woody sage that create a well-rounded fragrance that can be enjoyed by everyone. The sillage and longevity are mediocre though. You can buy a full bottle in Rustans and a decant in Shopee. Also available in Nordstrom for $65.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrem – This is a typical masculine perfume, aromatic, woody, and fresh like citrus but a little minty. You can buy this in Zalora for Php6500 and Ulta for $145. A 2ml decant is also available in Shopee.

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Tom Ford Black Orchid – Just like San, Wooyoung is also using this perfume.

Diptyque Philosykos – Another perfume that is popular among kpop idols and also in my collection. Fun Fact: Jin of BTS and Mingyu of SEVENTEEN also use this perfume. It smells like fig leaf (the most potent smell for me), a bit woody, and coconut. It comes in 2 versions: Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum. Besides the longevity, the only difference between the two versions is the EDP smells more creamy coconut. You can buy it in TruncRustans and a decant is available here. Also available in Nordstrom for $220.

Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau – I have this perfume in my collection as well and The8 of SEVENTEEN uses this too. I bought this immediately after smelling the Diptyque Baies candle. I Googled if they have a perfume counterpart of that cult fave candle and a lot of people recommended this perfume. It’s true, they do smell alike. For me, the berries note is very prominent with a hint of floral, but overall, this is a fruity scent. This is available in Rustans, Trunc, and you can buy the 2ml sample here. Also available in Nordstrom for $220.

Diptyque Tam Dao – Wooyoung and San are really close and definitely Diptyque boys. Again, Wooyoung is using a perfume the same that San uses as mentioned above.

Diptyque Fleur de Peau – This one is my favorite Diptyque perfume and often sold out. This is a tribute to the mythical love between Psyche and Eros. It is very musky and powdery with a hint of iris and rose with a little bit of wood and pink pepper. It lasts all day with me. In my opinion, among all the Diptyque perfumes, this one is the safest blind buy. You can buy this in Trunc for Php10,000. Also available in Net-a-Porter for $220. If you want to try this and not commit to a full bottle yet, you can buy a decant in Shopee.

Dior Sauvage – This is a popular perfume not just among the male kpop idols but also with almost the entire male population. This and Versace Eros is always someone’s husband, boyfriend, and dad’s perfume. According to Fragnatica.com, this is “the ultimate masculine fragrance”. Actually, Jay of Enhypen, Han of Stray Kids, and Vernon of SEVENTEEN are using this too. For the scent, it is classy, crisp, spicy, clean, warm & uplifting. Top notes of Sichuan pepper & Calabrian bergamot. Heart notes of geranium, lavender, elemi, pink pepper, vetiver & patchouli. Base notes of cedar, labdanum & ambroxan. Recommended for spring or summer wear. This is available in Zalora, and you can buy a 2ml decant here. Also available in Nordstrom for $150.

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Diptyque Do Son – It’s a true tuberose scent with white floral. Truly a green scent, almost herbal. It’s quite pleasing. This is available in Trunc for Php10,000 and Rustans for Php6,500. You can also buy this in Nordstrom for $220. If you want to try it without committing to a full bottle, you can buy a decant in Shopee.

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So far these are the perfumes that Ateez uses based on my research. My sources are their live, interviews, other online content, and sharp-eyed Atinys who spots their stuff. As always, I will update this post when I know more.