where to buy w.dressroom 97 bts jungkook

Where To Buy W.Dressroom 97 That BTS Jungkook Uses?

You can also buy Tae-hyung's favorite No. 45

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Have you ever bought something only because you saw somewhere that your idol is using it or it was recommended by someone whose taste you trust? So don’t judge if fans want to smell like their K-Pop idols. Thanks to a 2016 V Live stream, many fans knew for a while now that one BTS member, namely Jungkook, uses or at least owns the W.Dressroom Clear Perfume in No. 97 (April Cotton). That brand is from South Korea, even though there’s a huge wave of K-Beauty products worldwide now, it’s still one hard to find product since they don’t export it as much as other brands. Luckily, I know where to buy W.Dressroom 97 that BTS Jungkook uses.

Take note, you can also buy Tae-hyung aka V’s favorite W.Dressroom No. 45 “Morning Rain” in these stores.

1. SUI SUI – This is one of my go-to K-beauty sellers in Lazada. They have products you don’t often see from other sellers like W.Dressroom perfumes and hand creams. They have all the variants! The costs Php299 for 70ml, and Php399 for 150ml bottle.

2. NEOTIDE KOREA Beauty & Health – This Shopee Seller based in South Korea has many W.Dressroom products from perfumes, fabric spray, diffuser, hand cream, shampoo, body lotion, body wash, and more. They even have scents that are not available in other sellers on this list. And yes, they also have the True Beauty Collection.

3. STYLE KOREAN – They sell also all W.Dressroom products from perfumes to hand creams. For the 70ml it costs Php487, while USD9.95 and in 150ml for Php860 or USD16.50. The only downside is Style Korean is based in Seoul, South Korea so shipping takes a while but they ship door-to-door because they have a local courier partner. But shopping on their site is worth it because they have a vast array of k-beauty brands.

4. YES STYLE – Based in Hong Kong, this is the most popular online shop for Asian beauty and fashion enthusiasts. They have everything that is trending in Asia. If you want something that your idol uses or wears… or just any Asian brands that you cannot find in your country, you’ll surely find it here. So of course, they also have Jungkook’s favorite W.Dressroom 97 perfume in both sizes. The 70ml cost Php427 or USD7.61 and 150ml cost Php665 or USD12. Don’t forget to use this discount code ALYSSA12 to get 5% off your first order or 2% off your future orders. They ship internationally and offer free shipping to the Philippines on orders over Php2000.

5. RR KOREAN SHOP – This is where I bought my restock of the W.Dressroom 97 since my father ended up loving it, he uses it as his car perfume! This is a Shopee seller and loved by many K-Beauty enthusiasts in the Philippines, including me. This is where I buy restocks of my faves because they also have brands that are not easy to find.

6. BEAUTY MNL – The only one in this list that is based in manila. They are the biggest online beauty retailer in the country. They don’t ship internationally, but they ship nationwide and offer free shipping too. The W.Dressroom 97 here cost Php595 and they only have the 70ml size.

If you’re not into perfumes, maybe you can try BTS Mediheal Sheet Mask or the BT21 x Innisfree Collaboration.

So far these are the only reputable shops I where to buy W.Dressroom 97 that BTS Jungkook uses. I personally shop in there and I can guarantee that all their items are legit.