The Lip Tint Lim Jugyeong Applied on Han Seojun in True Beauty & All the Beauty Products Featured in the Series

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The new popular K-Drama “True Beauty” is based on the popular webtoon of the same name. After being bullied in school the lead character, Lim Jugyeong taught herself how to apply makeup through watching YouTube videos and become a master that can transform herself into a “goddess”. The series featured a lot of beauty products that made the viewers want to try them for themselves. Especially that lip tint Jugyeong applied on Han Seojun that got us Googling “true beauty lip tint”. Below is the list of all the beauty products that were featured in True Beauty so far. And yes, you can buy all of them here in the Philippines.

For those who live outside of the Philippines, you can purchase all these products in Olive Young Global Online Store. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the store where Jugyeong buys her makeup. They’re the official beauty sponsor of the series.

All the Products in True Beauty


Lim Jugyeong is seen using the various products from the Colorgram brand. It was after all the brand that her favorite makeup YouTuber endorses. These are the specific products featured in the series:

The tint in the drama looks different because they renewed the packaging. We’ve seen the lip tint several times in the series, it’s the one Jugyeong always uses, the lip tint she lends to her friends, and also the same one she tested on Seojun. Not exactly sure what shades she uses but the number 2 Heart Tok of the colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer seems to be her favorite.


This series may be all about makeup but it also shows how skincare is important. Some Bring Green products were spotted on Jugyeong’s vanity table.


Other skincare products she uses are from this brand. Honestly, they’re kinda hard to find in the Philippines so one item in this list is an alternative but it’s still from the same brand.


In Korea, many are using beauty machines for various purposes such as cleansing, brightening, anti-aging, and more. Of course, this series definitely showed that too.

So far, Jugyeong was seen using 2 beauty gadgets. The first one was from Episode 5, where she was seen using a gadget with red and blue light. It’s from the brand VANAV and is called SKINBEAM.


SKINBEAM cost Php6,499. For that hefty price tag, it claims to make your skin look brighter by LED (blue and red), special head (vibrating, warm, special shape, etc), galvanic ion, and other functions. You can use the machine for three galvanic modes: facial mode, vitamin c mode, and decollete mode. It helps the absorption of skincare, softly massage your muscles, and more.

true beauty gadet - beauty machine

The next beauty gadget she used which was featured in Episode 9 was the Bubble Pop Cleanser. It is also from the brand VANAV as Moon GaYoung (the lead actress) is the new muse of the brand.


The Bubble Pop Cleanser of VANAV (Php6528) claims to help cleanse your face and remove makeup. It is fast and gentle. It renews skin from dead cell removal and deep cleans your skin making your skin looks more radiant and helping the absorption of skincare products.

true beauty cleansing brush


This is one of the most popular hair styling tool brands in South Korea, so I’m not surprised that the Vodana Triple Flow Wave Iron 32mm (costPhp3489) was in Episode 14 when Jugyeong prep herself for a date with Suho.

true beauty vodana wave curler iron

That’s the famous True Beauty lip tint and the rest of the products featured in the series. Have you finished watching the drama? Are you Team Suho or Seojun? If you’re sad the drama already ended or you’re Team Seojun, then read the WebToon! It’s still on-going. The plot is the same but the flow of the story is totally different from the live version.