KDrama Hype: Kahi Multi Balm Review

kahi multi balm review

If you watch some Korean dramas, especially The King: Eternal Monarch and Yumi’s Cells which stars the brand’s endorser Kim Go-Eun or you just finished Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo, then you’re probably already familiar with this product and wondering if it really worth to buy or they just have too many drama ad placements. If you’re curious, just keep scrolling to read my Kahi Multi Balm review or you can watch my review in YouTube instead.

The Kahi Multi Balm is a really good moisturizer that makes my skin plumper and glowy. I can see myself using this for a while.
Easy to bring
Plumps skin
Instant glass skin effect
Maybe too much for those with oily skin. Especially if you live in a tropical country.


Kahi Multi Balm is a collagen-infused stick balm that claims to help reduce wrinkles or fine lines on the skin while giving a beautiful glow with a single swipe. 


  • Fish Collagen: Helps replenish and moisturize the skin to make it firm and supple 
  • Schizandra Berry (Omija) Extract: Known for its medicinal properties, it helps keep the skin and hair looking vibrant and youthful 
  • Jeju’s natural fermented oil: To boost absorbency, it helps to prevent makeup from drying and caking through the day.

You can read more about its ingredients in Picky.


HOW TO USE: Use as the last step of your skincare routine. Gently apply the balm on the face or any areas feeling tight or dry. Can be used before or after makeup throughout the day when the lips or skin get dryer. Yes, you can also use this as a lip balm.

SCENT: It has a mild floral and soapy scent.

PACKAGING: It comes in a stick like a jumbo lip balm.

FORMULA & TEXTURE: It’s sticky but it doesn’t feel greasy. I don’t actually feel like it’s on my face.

kahi multibalm review packaging


I was already expecting this product to be sticky before I even received it. And I was right! But what I didn’t expect is that it is non-greasy. I actually doesn’t feel it on my skin after applying.

However, it leaves a very dewy look on the skin like it’s an instant glass skin. If you have oily skin, it may be too much for you especially if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines.

You can use the Kahi Multi Balm all-over your face and neck but personally I prefer to use it on my undereyes and forehead at night like an overnight mask. It gives me a plumper and glowy skin in the morning.

I also like that it’s in a stick form so it’s not messy to use. I just swipe and then sleep. Plus it’s also easy to bring on my trips.

kahi multi balm review


ShopeePHP880Local Philippine seller
Olive & Young Global$30Ships globally from Korea
Yes Style$37Ships internationally from HongKong

You can also watch my review on my YouTube channel if you don’t feel like reading.

I hope this Kahi Multi Balm review helped you decide if you want to try it or not. On my next post, I will review the Kahi Aqua Balm.