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Oil Candles

Using Essential Oil Candles in Your Spa Suite

Needless to say, the time in a spa suite is really sweet. But what leaves you with the unforgettable moments spent in a spa suite is the hot tub bathing/spa – your best friend ever. Now, let’s know how you would feel about having the same fancy warmer spa experience within your home? We not only can give the correct answer but the easiest yet effective way to make your home spa a thing of vigor, joy, happiness, pleasure, and vitality. We’re just talking about essential oil candles. With so many essential oil fragrant candles available, how do you choose which ones to catch? We’re “SPA-RING FOR YOUR SPA” some of the top essential oil scents that you must always have on hand.

The Best Essential Oil Candles That Go Great With A Spa

Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile liquids that have prominent scents and chemical compositions. And inhaling the aroma of essential oils helps stimulate our nose receptors which thereby send signals to our brain parts responsible for changing our emotional and physical responses. And the result is the ultimate feelings of relaxation, calm, vigor, and happiness and these are the things a hot bath is taken for! Right?

Frankincense Essential Oil

If life gets crazy, the Frankincense scent around starts making sense. This woody-scented essential oil is prized for its ability to enhance focus, concentration and spirituality, making it a super plus in spa meditation. Also, Frankincense oil puts positive effects on the limbic system and helps calm overly anxious and angry minds.

Rosemary Essential Oil

If you ever come across a list of the best essential oils for DIY candle making, we bet you’ve found Rosemary essential oil in that rundown. The reasons for such a repute are surprisingly enormous. The oil may act as a cognitive stimulant and helps improve memory, alertness, and focus – set success-oriented plans with Rosemary candles around! Additionally, the woodsy and herbal aroma of the oil is linked with boosting the mood, clearing the mind, and eliminating feelings of stress and anxiety. Encouraging the feelings of freedom, boldness, and energy is another primary function of our Rosemary candle.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Hot inside the spa; warm and calm around! You’ll swoon over Cinnamon essential oil for so many good reasons – its spicy, warm, and exotic aroma will remind you of your best cooking memories. Its earthy, woodsy, and warm scent puts an uplifting and brightening note on your mood and mind and is shown to shrink the feelings of stress. The oil is well-known as an aphrodisiac and relaxation-boosting agent, making it the best spa item to use before going to the bedroom.

Ginger Essential Oil

A Ginger essential oil candle can be the best flame ever if your stress levels have gotten out of whack. Famous for its nickname “the oil of empowerment”, the warming and energizing Ginger essential oil helps normalize things for people facing sudden mood fluctuations and emotional imbalance. Moreover, Ginger oil has libido-boosting properties, a quality the oil’s source “ginger root” is best known for.

Final Words

Nothing can beat the calming and soothing scents of essential oil candles during a relaxing time in the spa. Though each essential oil deserves to be at arm’s reach but being more specific in choosing a few can make you get the desired results. And finally, mother nature gives us pure material and being unwise when choosing essential oils or essential oil candles can waste your time and money. So, always opt for a company that sells pure essential oils at fair prices. Thanks to: mother nature and the pure brand.