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Here’s What To Do If You Are Allergic To Perfumes

Everyone loves to smell good. When you go out, it helps you feel confident and secure in yourself. Apart from looking good and indulging the eyes, you score points for indulging the nose by smelling good as well. That is why we have so many brands of perfume and cologne out there. However, when it comes to scent, it is not just colognes or perfumes though; a lot of skincare and haircare products also invest a lot in good fragrances, from hair shampoos to shower gels to lotions. But not everyone can enjoy these scents. A lot of people are allergic to perfumes for various reasons and have seemingly few alternatives.

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Perfumes can be quite the nightmare for a lot of people. They are the cause of many severe allergies in some people, and that makes it impossible for them to wear perfumes. Some of the allergic reactions include rashes, skin swelling, dermatitis, and sneezing. The skin reactions can pretty much occur anywhere on the body and can be quite disturbing.

Does this mean that, if you’re allergic to perfumes, you should give up on them entirely? No, it doesn’t. Of course, your health and wellness should come first, but there are lots of ways to go around the problem and still enjoy the privilege of smelling good without getting allergic reactions. We’ll look at some of them below.

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1. Spray the Perfume on your Clothes

In many cases, applying perfume to your clothes instead of directly on your skin can help the situation and allow you to enjoy having a pleasant fragrance about you. There are only 2 preconditions here:

  • Your allergy shouldn’t be smell-related, such as sneezing – in this case, it doesn’t matter where you apply the perfume; as long as it’s in the vicinity, you’ll have an allergic reaction
  • The perfume shouldn’t stain your clothes – This can easily be tested by applying some of the perfume on a hidden part of your clothing and waiting for a while. If the cloth doesn’t stain, then you can use the perfume on the rest of your clothes.

The best place to apply the perfume is on the inside of your clothes as it tends to last longer that way.

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2. Apply the Perfume on a non-irritant Part of your Skin

Sometimes you can get creative with your perfume application. Some people are only allergic to certain areas.

In case you find the perfume only irritates the skin in a particular area, you can apply it in a different area altogether. Instead of applying it on your neck, for example, you can apply it to your chest, or even your hair!

If your allergies are severe, we do not recommend testing to find the immune parts of your skin. However, if they are only mild, testing might be a good idea.

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3. Use Body Powder

If perfume isn’t good for you at all, then you can use body powder instead. Body powder has massive advantages over regular perfume. For starters, it doesn’t contain most of the harsh chemicals in perfume that triggers allergic reactions. It also absorbs the moisture produced by sweating and keeps you dry all day. Body powder is also demonstrably longer lasting that perfume as it doesn’t evaporate.

Summing Up

Perfume helps us put on that extra charm to our appearance by giving off a good fragrance as well. It can sometimes be a nightmare for some individuals due to various perfume-related allergies. However, there are ways around the problem that allow you to stay allergy free and still smell good!