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Top Tips to Take Care of Your Lash Extensions

Who doesn’t want eyelashes that look enticing and flawless at all times? Eyelashes have an insta-beauty power and hence the abundance of eyelash products in the market.

 Whether you are a newbie to lash extensions or experienced, there is you need to have the right information and products to take care of your lashes.

There can never be enough advice about eyelash care. Especially if you use lash extensions.

Here are the top most tips to take care of your lash extensions:

1. Post application

Avoid touching them in the first few hours. This is because the more you touch them, the more oil they catch and the more strain they put on your lashes and roots.

2. Keeping them clean

One of the most important things when it comes to extensions is your cleaning routine. Use a lash extension safe cleanser. It is advisable to use Oil-free liquid remover and oil-free gel remover.

Be sure to use a saturated cotton pad to remove your eye makeup and eyeshadow so that dry bits of cotton don’t attach to your lashes. Remove makeup gently and avoid rubbing your eyes or eyelashes.

To clean your lashes, bring out the magical lash wand and softly brush through your lashes.

3. Avoid oil at any cost

 It might be worth repeating that oil based products are a strict no-no when it comes to lash extensions. Always select products carefully after reading the labels to ensure your lashes last longer.

Since lash extensions give your lashes a naturally full appearance,  you might want to skip mascara altogether. But if you are a bit of a mascara addict, then use specially formulated mascara for lash extensions. Again make sure to read the labels and don’t go heavy on the use.

Of course, you can wear eyeliner for lash extensions. But do your homework and choose the best eyeliner for lash extensions. A quick Google search will help you find some of the most reliable brands that make special eyeliner for lash extensions.

I like the rest of the beauty world you are obsessed with magnetic lashes, then go for a magnetic eyeliner.

A magnetic eyeliner works just like regular ones but it has a bit of magic(magnetic powder) that holds your lashes together. The best eyeliners for lash extensions are often magnetic eye-liners due to the foolproof application and smudge-proof staying power.

4. Don’t over do the moisture

Too much of anything is good for nothing. This goes for moisture too. Avoid over exposure to moisture.

5. Don’t use waterproof products

Anything that is waterproof is very resilient and tough to get off. It takes very strong oil-based cleansers and too much rubbing to clean waterproof products. So whatever product you choose, be sure not to use a waterproof one.

6. Do not curl

If you try to curl lash extensions, you might end up with an unnatural shape that may not go away. If you do need to curl your lashes with a curler, then do a very light pulse and not a big squeeze.

7. Sleeping on your back

Some stylists advise sleeping on your back to avoid the pillow messing up your lashes. Even sleeping on your sides may ruin that perfect extension, so be sure to look at the ceiling while you are sleeping or use a special purpose lash pillow.

8. Don’t Pick or Pull them

You might be tempted to rub, scrub, pick or pull at the eyelashes. Don’t play with them. If something doesn’t feel right about them, then see your lash stylist. Pulling your lashes may end up damaging your natural lashes too.

Eyelash extensions are worth the expense but you do need to take good care of them if you want them to last a while. In a nutshell, be gentle, read the labels and avoid oil and moisture to make them last.